anthony angelicola
early theories of montage and the possibility that ideas could be conveyed through film solely by the juxtaposition of images has led me to simplify my approach to filmmaking, leaving behind narrative conventions and exploring transitional relationships, allowing the viewer to consider ones own interpretation of an image and its association. the abstract image further disconnects inherent contextual perceptions of an image and focuses attention on a purely visual realization, creating relationships through the arrangement of image and sound. in a very intuitive manner, the work comes together as if creating a visual language.

thus, the viewer becomes an active participant in the arrangement.

anthony angelicola received his bfa from the university of the arts in 2008. his work in film and video has shown both nationally and internationally, most notably in: the black maria film festival, videoex experimental film & video festival (switzerland), and the european media arts festival (germany). he is also the founder of milling furniture, producing heirloom quality handmade furniture using a variety of reclaimed materials and sustainable practices. anthony lives and works in philadelphia.